In Memory of Mom Spoolman

Jane Elizabeth “Betty” Spoolman

March 23, 1921 – March 12, 2013


Will’s Poem


Kerry’s Letter to Gram


Liz’s Letter to Gram

Katie’s Letter to Gram

Whispers In The Night


I see the passing of time

as if it never happened.

My family sits together

as we have done so many times,

for so many years.

I hear the laughter, singing, reminiscing,

and telling of stories we have all heard.

I see you glance around,

expecting to see me sitting among you.

I am here … through you.

I have left each of you

with the gift of time, memories,

a legacy of the foundation of life,

and a bond of love that will

withstand the test of time.

Treasure these moments;

life is a labor of love.

Remember … it was time for me to go.

By Nancy L. Spoolman

We honor our Mom, Gramma, and Friend. It is a reminder for us on how much happiness she gave throughout her life, and may she have perpetual euphoria in Heaven.