BSF – Bible Study Fellowship How-to’s

I have been doing my Bible Study questions on my computer since I started BSF. I find I can type much better than writing them, so each week I download the questions from the main BSF website ( You do have to create an account and sign in the first time, but after that it will remember you (unless you are beginning a new year, or happen to clear your browser history, etc.. By browser I mean, Safari (Mac) or Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

I usually do all my questions on the computer, then I transfer it to Adobe Reader on my iPad. It works wonderful! Recently I went “Green” for everything and I scanned my notes each week and put them on my iPad. I really like highlighting the notes in Adobe Reader on my iPad, and I can easily jot notes right on the pages. (Yes, you do need something to write with on the iPad.) I have a Jot pen and another one that is too fat to use for jotting notes.

Next up I will show you how to transfer your completed lesson from the computer to your iPad or iPhone. If you do it all on your iPad or tablet, then you won’t need those steps.