Kerry’s Message

The Best Grandma Ever 


Loving, gentle, kind, considerate, selfless, compassionate, and so much more!!! I am blessed to have had you for my Grandma. I will always cherish the memories of our wonderful times together. Our trips to the Dairy Queen; then back to your house to sit in the sunroom to eat our treats. Trying to slurp the drizzling cone as it melted in the heat. I loved sitting there in the sunroom porch, in the cool summer breeze, listening to the leaves rustle and birds sing. I can close my eyes and see it clearly as if it were yesterday.  

Then it would be time to head to the lake. Before leaving Spooner, we would stop by the grocery store, and you would let Cor, and I pick out our favorite cereal. Mine was Granola cereal and Corey’s was Cracklin’ Oat Bran. You made sure we always had our own box, or we would fight about who was eating the most cereal.

I look back at some of my favorite memories at the lake when we would sit in the little cabin and play games, or put together puzzles on a rainy day. You always made it so much fun and entertaining for us kids.

I loved our little dinner outings to ‘What The Heck’. This was always a special treat. Afterward, we would look forward to our nighttime beach fires. The laughter and the singing I will forever treasure. I loved our time together, swimming in the lake, or just sitting at the beach in the sun, talking. I remember when Cor, Heather, and I swam across McKenzie Lake. You, Dad, and Mom were in the boat beside us as we made our way across the lake slowly, but surely. Once we were across, we went to have a drink at that little bar. I remember you treated yourself to a little glass of beer while the rest of us kids had a soda. Then we all came back across the lake in the boat; exhausted because it was an all-day adventure.   

As grateful as I am for our times with each other in my younger years, it was my most recent visit with you, just nine months before your trip to Heaven, which I am so thankful for.  This was my farewell visit, and it was those few hours we had together, recalling all of my childhood memories, that will be ingrained in me forevermore. Yes, Gram, I have matured and this special time I had with you will be treasured. Our chats over the phone after my visit with you in June was precious. I remember that one of our last telephone conversations we were laughing so hard; talking about all the funny things that happened while at the cabin.

I will always remember your soft soothing voice and your cheerful, bright laughter. I love you Grandma!!!  As much as I miss you, I know in my heart that you are with me, and all of us, in spirit. All of our memories of you will live on until we are with you again.

Your Loving Granddaughter,

Kerry Lynne (Spoolman) Bill