Will’s Poem


I know where wild forget-me-nots wade along the edge of clear running water –

Where a great blue heron stands at sunrise.

I have listened to the first spring peepers and have counted the varied and tender

greens of spring, from pale of willow to dark of pine.

I have walked on pine-needle carpets and on spongy green moss

In sunlight and shad – I know a woodland pool

hidden from sight by giant ferns,

Where mayapples unfurl their green umbrellas

beneath a stone lantern

and the small face of the hepatica holds a drop of blue sky.

I have uncovered the damp sweetness of arbutus,

And felt the south wind brush across my face

bearing a hint of rain and flower gardens.

I have seen the scarlet tanager in the topmost branches

of the tulip tree, and the marsh wren in her house beneath the lemon lilies.

I know a pond at evening where ducks trail silver threads

In their wake, trout jump, and fireflies appear above the water.

I have seen the whippoorwill silhouetted on a dusky sky

And heard his song of summer magic –

And standing in bright moonlight watching shadows cast by giant pines

I have felt the mystery of heaven and the joy of earth –

And I know what I know –

These are the things to remember.

Katharine G. Shelly