Liz’s Letter to Gram

My Last Letter to You


So many mailings we have exchanged,

Thoughts, stories, jokes, and the weather,

What could the last letter possibly say?

My mind knows this is the best for you,

We’ve seen you battle over and through,

But my heart pleads for your spirit to stay.

Now in Heaven, full of peace and calm,

I imagine you stroll through woods in bloom,

Picking blueberries in the bright new day.

Above us, see how you touched us forever,

Time slows as we mourn and try to recover,

All while your great grandkids grow and play.

The tears sting as I try to tell others,

About this spunky lady, my wise friend,

Known as my Gram, and your passing today-

Seeing pictures of you through your trek,

Such beauty and grace, through to the end,

Almost always, shyly, peeking away.

I will try to emulate your style,

Eternally positive with a smile,

So much like a warm, golden sunray.

Your letters I re-read and reminisce,

Your honesty, humor, love, and quietness;

Sketching at close to sign your own way.

So, I guess my last letter would read,

I’ll savor the memories and time we’ve shared,

I’ll miss and think of you every single day.

With so much love,

Elizabeth (Spoolman) Beutel

Granddaughter for 40 years