The Spoolman Pet Haven Began 48 Years Ago

Saturday, May 5, 2018. As I sit writing this, I think to myself that writing can be good therapy. Put all your thoughts on paper. Get it out. There has been enough tears the last few weeks. I glance up, thinking I saw something out of the corner of my eye. No, it can’t be what I thought it was…Cassie coming into my room. Saturday, May 5, 2018, Rick took Cassie to her vet, at Black Hills Animal Hospital and she went to dog heaven at 10:00 a.m.. 

Two years ago Cassie was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Our vet gave us pills for her to take, which might slow it down, or not. He said Cassie had about six months, maybe a year, to live. One forgets how time goes by so quickly. Rick took Cassie in a few months ago, and our vet was surprised that two years had already passed since he first diagnosed her. Unfortunately, Cassie had another UTI (urinary tract infection). She was put on antibiotics for 10 days. We left for AZ and took her with us about 10 days later. We were visiting friends in CO and then stopping to see family in Albuquerque, and we notice Cassie was bleeding again when she went potty. We had to put her in diapers, something she didn’t like! I knew then it was time to put her down. Surely when we got home we would have to!

As time went on it became more and more difficult for her to go to the bathroom. We had an ultrasound done a week ago. Rick wanted to know for sure what was going on. Our vet called Friday to say it was time. The tumor had grown and filled the majority of her bladder, and it was affecting other organs. Rick called and scheduled to have her go to Dog Heaven Monday, May 7, 2018.  

Sometimes a “mother” instinctively knows something is not right. Every night, after Rick went to bed, Cassie would come into my craft/office room and lie by my feet until she either had to go outside again, or I went to bed. I noticed her lower tummy area was getting quite large where they had shaved her for the ultra sound a week previously. Every night it seemed she would have to go outdoors every hour on the hour. Last night I was sitting on the front deck waiting for neighbors to come over, and I watched her as she made an attempt to go potty. Eight times she tried to go, and she finally managed to dribble a little out. I kept thinking; this was not fair to her. How can we let her go another two full days? It is much worse than we realize. My fear was having her bladder burst or something. Yes, it scared me when I saw her stomach last night. We cannot let her continue to suffer, even though she never let on that it hurt. I have been preparing for this for over a month now. As Rick said, “But…. You should see her in the morning. She is so spunky and happy.” Still, that didn’t mean she wasn’t in agony. As difficult as it was for her to go to the bathroom, imagine the pain of not getting it all out. 

Saturday morning we got up early. I had the Spring Festival show on Main Street Square. I didn’t feel right about leaving Cassie after watching her last night. I told Rick, she needs to be taken to the animal clinic this morning and let her go in peace. After many tears, he said he would. I told him I would cancel the show and not go and take her myself. As I was taking my coffee to my office area, Cassie came running toward me with her little pink chewed up squeaky toy in her mouth. I took it from her while she “pretended” to growl at me. I tossed it a few feet, and she would run after it, bringing it right back to me to throw again. We did this three times, then she sits down panting as if to say, “Enough is enough. I am tired.” Yes, I feel bad Rick had to take her himself, and I’d have gladly not done the Spring show had he wanted me to be there with him. No matter what, it was difficult. I get it that she was full of spunk and always happy, but we had to think of her. There were times she would look up at me and her eyes were pleading as if to say, “I am ready, Mom.” I wish she  could have talked.  

We headed downtown to set up the tent, and the receptionist called from Black Hills Animal Hospital to say the Dr. would be in to take care of something else, and he would see Rick at 9:45. Rick helped put up the tent and Corey came and finished so Rick could leave. Cassie had a wonderful life. She was born April 18, 2004.

One of her favorite things was riding in the RZR.

So, now we are empty nesters, or “pet-less.” Although, we do have Mittens, our neighbor’s cat who thinks our home is his home. I am not booting him out. To him, this is home. He does not know any different. After six years coming in and out whenever he wants to, sleeping in the dog beds, etc., how does one cut him out of our lives and lock him out of the house? I cannot do it! He would not understand, and it would be so cruel.

 However, we are not going to adopt anymore pets. We have had pets for almost 48 years of our married life! It hurts so much when you have to say good-bye, and I think, as we get older, it gets more and more difficult. 

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