The Light of The World

Below is a picture of a sunrise over Bethlehem when in Israel in 2006. The cross was added which was a picture taken during a visit to a Nazareth Village. During our Study of John in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), I couldn’t help but think of this as it was mentioned during the lecture: “The Cross is the great boundary between suffering God’s judgment and rescue from that judgment through faith in Jesus Christ.” 

Here Jesus is, 6 days before Passover, serving his disciples by washing their feet. He asks them to do the same for others. Today, He serves me and everyone else, if they let him. This brings home to me that I need to step over the “boundary line” & proclaim who Jesus is.  I have been silent too long. No matter which side of that boundary you are on, Jesus is on both sides, watching, waiting with arms extended for you to come to him in Faith. Jesus does not discriminate. Instead of being judged by God for everything in our lives, Jesus paid the price for our sins. Why not accept his rescue and trust in Him, through Faith, and faithfully follow Jesus?! He is waiting for you. 

This “boundary” reminds me of when I went to Israel. The busses stopped and we were told to leave the bus as they could not cross the line into Bethlehem. It is 5:00 a.m. and the sun is just coming up over the horizon of Bethlehem. That beautiful sunrise God created, and crossing a line, is a lesson in wanting what God wanted all along. Peace and happiness with one another, above all. I don’t want to be a quiet believer.

Jesus, The Light of The World