Casey, Come Home

A few years ago, right around Christmastime, one of our cats disappeared. It was devastating for my husband and me. We had neighbors looking all over for the stinker. As time went by we began to think the mountain lion may have gotten him. I began to look through old pictures we had taken when we first began bottle feeding the 5 kittens. Once I started looking at all the pictures of the 9 years they had been with us, I started writing about how they came to be homeless and into our home. The story is told through the eyes of our boys. It was fun to do, using the ePub Best Practices for Pages. I finished the book in time for Christmas, for my husband, and our Casey came home 14 days later. I should say, he was found 14 days after he disappeared. He had lost weight and was thirsty, but none the worse for wear.

Here is the unforgettable story and adventures of Casey, Cedric, Callie, Katie, Cassie, Mittens and Buster (coming soon).

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